Being into the business of organizing and producing events, made us realize that one should be versatile enough to offer uniqueness every time a new event comes our way. Clients are always on a lookout for something new. And thus to bring some newness in every party, themes came into existence. It is basically a central concept around which the entire function revolves. It often involves the overall tone, structure, and objective of the event. Irrespective of the type of party, themes can be created around the brief we receive from our clients. The expert minds from Anubhav Event Productions have been consistently delivering some unique theme parties for its clients. Be it birthday or anniversary, corporate event, fashion show, musical concert, award nights, product launches, or any other gigs, our team is always a step ahead of the competition to give you a unique theme that becomes talk-of-the-town.
Parties are just not about cakes, candles, champagne and music. It’s a fantastic opportunity to organize something creative, unforgettable and have a long lasting impression. Through theme parties, decorations, table settings, disguises and party attractions can be found in any colour or design. In planning a theme party there are so many things that need to be taken care of, and this is where professional event organizers like us can step in and save a great deal of time for you. You just need to enjoy the party and rest assured of a rocking one.


Planning and organizing an award ceremony needs a sharp eye to detail, and only an experienced professional event organizer can execute it flawlessly. It is a daunting act because one has to keep clients, sponsors and attendees happy and engaged throughout. Award nights are becoming increasingly popular across all industries, celebrating achievement in every field from business to fashion, technology to entertainment and what not. Holding an awards ceremony for your business or within your industry is a great way to acknowledge the people that matter. Hence, it is no wonder that more event planners are being asked to deliver exceptional awards ceremonies by their clients.
At Anubhav Event Productions, an award night is planned and orchestrated down to the finest detail in order to achieve the desired outcome for all parties. We incorporate original and even unexpected elements to help keep everyone interested in the evening’s proceedings. We pick up a theme for the award ceremony as it helps make it memorable and at the same time assists us with the planning. We strictly stick to our client’s brief creatively without ever losing sight of the overall objectives. The theme has to work with the brand and any sponsors to protect their reputations. A mismatch between client’s values and the awards ceremony could be fatal.
We undertake the complete process of organizing an awards night. Right from picking up a venue, followed by planning and creating the stage design, sound productions and recording, getting a host to conduct the show, align with relevant vendors, create an entire programme schedule, rehearse it all before going live. We also undertake promotion of the event through relevant channels for better participation and media coverage. Call us to talk to our experts.


Organizing a successful product launch event is like a make or break opportunity for a company’s sales revenue. It is a golden chance to showcase the newest product to the investors, customers, influencers and other stakeholders. If the launch event doesn’t go right, then the entire set of efforts that went on behind creating the new product / services goes in vain. A well planned product launch event should introduce and build interest level in the new product, and serve as the foundation of a successful sales and marketing initiative in the coming days. Creating that much awaited hype around the product and making audiences intrigued to the event is how an event organizer plays around. We at Anubhav Event Productions have helped several ventures and enterprises with their product launch function, which went on to be some of the greatest brands in every household. We stick to our client brief and take liberty in creativity, so that success is guaranteed through these product launch parties.
Our team of expert event planners will do whatever it takes to make the launch a grand success with special emphasis on the product. The attendees will definitely leave the venue with an everlasting impression of the function. Right from choosing the relevant venue to fixing an apt theme, we will make sure that the audiences remain glued to the entire program and become an advocate of the brand. We will get them talking to more and more people in their circle through a high octane gig that would be an integral part of the launch event. Our team is full of ideas to make the event more exciting, engaging and entertaining. Product launch event planning provides guests a first-hand look of the newly released product or service. This is the best opportunity to show attendees what it is, how it works, and how it benefits them in their personal or professional life. And in pursuit of achieving the same, we can be your partner. Call us for more details.


If you have any kind of occasion to celebrate, we are there to plan and execute your celebrations in a professional manner. With experience in conducting birthday parties, wedding parties, job promotion parties, corporate parties and others, our expert team will provide exactly what you want. While you get into the mood of enjoying the party, leave it to us for organizing a picture perfect celebration for you. Be it personal achievements, anniversaries, reunions, get-together, or any special memorable day, we will make it noteworthy for you and your guests. Our exclusive offering in organizing that event will definitely leave your guests in awe. After taking a thorough download of the nitty-gritty of the event we will come up with an exclusive theme that would suit your requirements. Rest assured, you get to see an amazing stage all set for the D-day. We have empanelled some of the best props & decor items in the town to make your celebrations a memorable one. For any kind of traditional, or religious, or spiritual, or cultural events, Anubhav Event Productions are a one-stop-solution. Connect with us and our executive will be more than happy to assist.

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